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Electrodesiccation/ Diathermy 

Electrodesiccation is a non laser, precision accuracy (great for small areas) high frequency current used to dehydrate the tiny capillaries visible on the skin. They are sometimes called thread veins or red veins. Diathermy can treat these visible veins and spider naevi on the face, chest and neck, it can also remove blood spots (cherry angiomas) from other areas around the body. There is no needle insertion into the skin, and the results are immediate. This non invasive treatment is safe and there is only a mild discomfort.

Electrodesiccation is wonderful in treating pigmentation by lifting the darken skin to the surface, wonderful for treating sun spots on hands and seborrheic keratosis.

Diathermy can also treat:

  • Telangiectasia- tiny red broken blood vessels

  • Milia- tiny white bumps underneath the skin

  • Cherry Angiomas- small raised red lesions full of broken capillaries

  • Spider Angiomas- (Spider Nevus) a cluster of minute red blood vessels under the skin

  • Clogged Pores- resistant inflamed breakouts or blackheads

  • Skin Tags- benign painless growths attached to tiny stalks

  • Fibromas- lesions made of soft or hard connective tissue

  • Acne Pimples- inflammatory pustular breakouts

  • Keratoses- noncancerous growth that appears waxy brown, black, or tan

  • Seborrheic keratosis

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Sun spots on face and hands

$80 15 min 

$120 20min-30min

Lesion eye area $50

Large area of concern POA

Red vein removal whole face: POA

Red vein removal nose: from $50

Red vein removal cheeks $100

Sun spots on hands treatment $150-$200

Includes a light peel and nano needling treatment

• Immediate results for capillaries
• Precise treatment of minor skin irregularities
• Non-invasive
• Minimum client discomfort, numbing cream can be applied to sensitive areas

Contraindications for this treatment include:
• Pregnancy
• Pacemaker or heart condition, uncontrolled high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, and anticoagulants
• Diabetes
• A tendency to keloid scar, and/or any medications that could delay healing.

How Many Treatments Do I Need ?
Results of some cosmetic treatments are instantaneous, while larger irregularities may need more than one treatment. Most are usually gone or faded within one to three treatments. You may receive another treatment after 2-4 weeks to ensure complete healing of the treated area.

Does It Hurt?
There is a stinging sensation when removing the red vein,  that only lasts a few seconds as each lesion is vaporised. Numbing cream can be applied in sensitive areas. 

Is It Safe?
Yes. The area that is treated will be red for 2-4 hours, little scabs are formed, the treatment is a non-invasive with minimal scarring and no downtime.

What Happens After Each Treatment?
You may experience some mild irritation, redness, and crusting on the treated areas 1-2 weeks face and hands 1-3 weeks. While skin is healing, makeup can be applied to cover and camouflage any temporary imperfections. You will need to avoid direct sunlight immediately after the treatment--but we do recommend our clients to be sun-safe all the time. Otherwise, you can resume normal activities right away and results are often seen after just one treatment.


After care
A small bottle of colloidal is given to each client to be used to keep the area clean, 

do not exfoliate the skin, do not rub your skin or pick the scabs

sun block must be worn and no soaking or swimming in water until scabs are natural gone.

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