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All facials include an ultra sonic deep cleanse, & a shoulder & facial massage.  

Receive 50% off any facial waxing & tinting when added to any facial & treatment


Environ Treatments

  • Acne Treatment: Deep antibacterial cleanse, hydra peel/steam,  ACM cool peel, 20min of Bioptron light, finishing with a plasma shower or high frequency treatment. 1hour $99


  • Fabulous Facial:  Includes hydra deep cleanse, AHA exfoliation, deep vitamin infusion,  Includes a face, neck and shoulder massage finishing with a hydrating sheet or jelly mask. 1 hour $99

  • Environ Deluxe Treatment: Vitamin infusion treatment and hydrating alginate mask.  Fantastic for clients with sun damaged skins. 1 1/4 hour $150

  • Environ Cool Peel: Environ's worlds famous cool peel.  Gentle,  comfortable and effective, your skin will look radiant and soft. Finishing with a alginate mask. 1hour $110


  • Environ Deluxe & Cool Peel Treatment: Cool peel, face & neck vitamin infusion​, and alginate mask. 1 1/2 hours $195

  • Medical Needling: Skin needling improves skin texture, smooth wrinkles, fine lines and soften scars. It is suitable for all skin types & all areas of the face, neck, décolletage promoting the natural production of collagen & elastin, making the skin look and feel visibly smoother and tighter. 1hour $195  

  • Medical Needling areas of concern, treating one or two small scars, $40

Specialised Treatments​​

  • Plasma lift: Fractional plasma treatment is great for crepe skin and fine lines, plasma smooths and tightens, finishing with a  jelly mask.  1hour $110

  • Hifu: Vmax HIFU is a high intensity focused ultrasound that tightens the connective tissue & lifts the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen.

  • Jowl and neck treatment 1 hour treatment $150 50-100 pulses 3mm & 4.5mm per area. 

  • Radio Frequency Treatment: A great treatment to lift and tighten mild to moderate loose skin, reduces pore sizes & improves overall texture. 1hour $125

  • Radio Frequency & Micro Current: This wonderful combination is great for lifting, defining the cheek area, relaxing forehead & crows lines. A must for jowls & loose necks, finishing with a alginate mask.  11/2 hours $195

  • Micro Current & Hydrating Treatment:  Includes fascia release massage, face, shoulders, neck & scalp massage, vitamin infusion & includes a hydrating jelly mask enhanced with micro current. Perfect for monthly maintenance 1 1/4 hour $150 

  • Hydra Facial & Cool liftings: Hydra exfoliation, nano needling & hyaluronic infusion with a cool -5C wand, finishing with a alginate mask. 1hour $100

  • Facial gym: Incorporating massage, cupping & Gua Sha tools to stimulate circulation, lymph drainage & releasing of the fascia. Finishing with a vitamin and peptide serum infusion. You will look lifted, hydrated & refreshed. 1 hour $110



  • Platinum Facial:  Environ's deluxe treatment with cool peel, micro current, plus Bioptron light on décolletage. 2 1/2 hours $300

  • Diamond FacialEnviron's deluxe treatment & micro current, plus Bioptron light on décolletage. 2 1/4 hours $250

  • Sapphire Facial: Micro current, oxygen treatment, Bioptron light therapy & finishing with an hydrating alginate mask.  2 hours $200

  • Emerald Facial:  Environs cool peel, micro current, plasma lift, Bioptron light therapy & finishing with an hydrating alginate mask   2 hours $220

  • The Perfect lift: Includes the famous Desembre Vline & plasma lift,  micro current treatment, finishing with a gold hydrating alginate mask.  2 1/4  hours $250,   I love this facial.

Dermedics Treatments

  • BB Glow: This Original treatment lightens skin and targets uneven skin tone, freckles, discolouration, hyper-pigmentation, sun, age & acne scars,  includes alginate mask, nano therapy and an Oxygen treatment.⠀1 1/4 hour $150

  • BB Glow with Plamere Plasma lift:   1 1/2 hour $195​

  • Oxygen Facial with Vitamin Infusion: Hyperbaric oxygen purifies the skin whilst infusing the treatment serum, finishing with a alginate mask. 1 hour $125 

  • DeFluff Me Facial:​  Deep antibacterial cleanse, full face threading, waxing or epidermalplaning. Application of Dermedics hair inhibitor. Cryotherapy cooling & high frequency. 1 hour $99

Desembre Treatments

  • 24K Gold Facial:  24k sheets of gold a placed over the skin. Gold has a powerful anti-ageing, calming & detoxifying  properties.  Finishing with a gold hydrating alginate mask.

      1 1/2 hours $195 

  • Vline lift & Plasma: Skin is left feeling smooth & lifted, an amazing red carpet treatment includes the plasma lift, Bioptron light therapy & the gold hydrating rice mask.

      1 1/2 hours $175 

  • Oxyjet: Oxygenating bubbles are created, smoothing, lightening & brightening for the skin. Finishing with a alginate mask. 1 1/4 hours $125


  • Therapeutic massages

    • Full body

      • 1 hour $85

      • 1 1/2 hours  $120

  • Arm tightening treatment:  Using  Radio frequency or HIFU to stimulates collagen and tightens skin. 3-6 treatments recommended. $90 45min 

  • Ruby Back & Face treatment:  Hot compress, 1/2 hr back massage & Environ hydrating facial.  11/2 hours $150

Facial Waxing & Threading​

  • Brow shape 25min $35

  • Brow tidy (regular client maintenance)  $25

  • Brow tweezer $15

  • Upper lip 10min  $15

  • Nasal waxing 10min $10

  • Chin 10 min $15

  • Side burns $15

  • Face (excluding brows) 20min $50

  • Brows, upper lip , chin 20min $50


  • Eyelash tint 15min $35

  • Brow tint 10min $20

  • Brow tint and tidy $40

  • Eyelash tint, brow shape & tint 30min $60

  • Lash lift 45 min $75 

  • Lash lift and tint $95

  • Henna brow colour 20min $35

  • Henna brow & tidy 30min $55

  • Eyelash tint, brow tidy & henna $80


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